We Paint The Music You Love To Hear


“We paint the music you love to hear“ is a joint project by the Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art and the Lollapalooza Festival. A unique fusion of music and art where three popular artists have designed a giant installation at the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

The cooperation between Lollapalooza and Urban Nation started in 2015. Their mutual creative drive and exchange is a unique experience which catapults the festival to new creative heights. The festival turned into a walk-in gallery turning the festival site into both a vernissage and a finissage.

The enormous art installation „We paint the music you love to hear“ is a cooperation between three main headliner of the festival and three phenomenal street artists. The artists have transformed a song, the band history or designs of former album covers into a huge art work.

This project was curated by Yasha Young from Urban Nation Museum and Lollapalooza at Berlin Olympic Stadium.

All photos © Nika Kramer

Sandra Chevrier x The National

The canadian artist, who is famous for her collage technique, which frequently highlights epic battle scenes ripped from the pages of actual comic books, has worked together with the american band The National. Her installation was inspired by the song “Walk It Back” and its lyrics :

So don't go dark on me
It's all alright
If I'm gonna get back to you some day
I'll need your light

Ludo x Imagine Dragons

The work of Paris based Ludo, often called nature’s revenge, connects the world of plants and animals with our technological universe. For Urban Nation he has converted a song of the Imagine Dragons into a unique art work called "Chaos/Order" a massive 100 meters installation.

How and Nosm x Kraftwerk

Born in Spain, German in heritage and currently residing in New York - the identical twin brothers are best known for their large scale graffiti based murals that adorn city walls around the world. At Lollapalooza 2018 they have turned Kratfwerk’s music into a giant art work.

Spreading love and positivity is the message behind Hownosm design at this iconic landmark and it is with most respect an homage to their hometown’s own and favorite group Kraftwerk who performed in this same stadium on Sunday.