De La Musique Avant Toute Chose

Jef Aérosol presents his new solo show "De la musique avant toute chose", at Martine Ehmer in Bruxelles until October 14th.

Music has been at the heart of Jef's life and work since forever and its stencils testify to it. Many musicians, stars or anonymous, live in the works of Jef. As a musician himself, the stencilist regularly pays tribute to those who have nurtured his musical culture and influence his artistic creation.

For this exhibition, Jef Aérosol selected portraits of famous or less famous musicians of various nationalities. We will find some stencils made in tribute to punk rock last year, as well as unpublished images. The artist, as usual, has also provided some references to key Belgian personalities. The motto of this event could be the one that Jef often painted in many cities: «la musique adoucit les murs ! » ("music softens the walls! ")

Music On Walls had the chance to discuss with Jef about the show and the connection he has with music.

Hi Jef, could you explain us the meaning behind "De La Musique Avant Toute Chose”? As a visual artist and also as a musician?

« De la musique avant toute chose » is the famous first line of a poem written by Paul Verlaine in 1882 : l’Art Poétique. The meaning is quite simple and obvious : I’m both a painter and a musician, I’ve always been keen on music and art. Images and sounds have always been intermingled in my life and works. Without music, I would never have painted...

What part of you created the show?

There isn’t a single part of me that isn’t linked to music in a way or another. Music has been the core of my whole life. I’m a musician who paints and a painter who plays music...

Would you make art if there was no music?

Without music, there wouldn’t be any life. Even when I don’t listen to music or don’t play any, even in complete silence I hum melodies in my head !

Could you tell us a song that represent these artworks?

Do you have a favorite piece from the show?

I usually don't answer that type of question as I refuse all kinds of hierarchy in my works… But if you insist (!), I can tell you I particularly like my painting of Keith playing the guitar.

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Thank you Jef Aérosol

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