N*E*R*D - Obey






N*E*R*D: Cracked But Unbroken. 18 x 24 inches. Screen print on cream Speckletone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 200. $65. Available Saturday, November 4 at Obey Clothing‘s booth at ComplexCon in Long Beach and Tuesday, November 7 @ 10AM (PST) on ObeyGiant.com in Store under Prints. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I designed the N*E*R*D logo for their first album in 2001 and I was excited to do it, both because I liked the music they shared with me a lot, but also because I was already a fan of what Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes were doing with their hip-hop production work. Since then, Pharrell has proved to be a major force culturally as a member of N*E*R*D, as a solo artist, as a producer for other artists, and as a fashion designer. I was excited when he and his team reached out to me to listen to new songs off the upcoming N*E*R*D album and asked me to collaborate on a piece of art for a limited number of t-shirts and posters for ComplexCon. The music on the album is great; it’s immediately infectious, but also has some grit and edge, with hints of early electro and new wave. There are some social issues tackled on the record too, which inspired the direction of my art. We are donating proceeds of the print and t-shirt sales to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Check it out and drop by Obey Clothing’s booth at ComplexCon! – Shepard