Creative Freedom




Griffin is an Internationally recognized visual artist, based out of Oakland, California, whose work spans a variety of mediums, themes & surfaces. His lucid visual style and continuing exploration of new forms of expression are influenced by a wanderlust that was instilled in him from a young age.

Artist of many mediums & themes, Griffin is an aerosol muralist, fine artist, illustrator & designer. His work fuses elements from our modern technological age with motifs from the old world. Whether it's through landscapes, character-driven pieces, or abstract works, each of his pieces is a dreamscape story somewhere between time, function, the familiar, and the unknown.




Music On Walls had the chance to discuss with Griffin after his participation in PoW! WoW! San Jose last month to learn more about his new mural "Creative Freedom".

"Creative Freedom"

Hi Griffin One, can you describe to Music On Walls how your mural "Creative Freedom" was inspired by music? 

My mural is definitely inspired by music. In the design of color, and content, I created a concept that I hope elicits the senses of vision, sound and touch, by combining a violin, a backbone (vertebrae or spine), a golden quill tip, steel, some armor, and other elements.  It represents a dynamic blend of traits and elements that are necessary to achieve  “Creative Freedom”. Matter, like music, is made up of different interpreted resonating frequencies & vibrations. The Instrument I created in this mural, explores that concept: the violin represents not only sound, but also the natural element of wood. It provides a cue for the imagination - hinting at a sexy, yet ethereal soundscape for the piece.

Could you explain us the title « Creative Freedom » 

Creative Freedom is the freedom to create without boundaries or constraints. As a musician, artist, or any creative person - you need a bit of “backbone” (or courage) to take the risk - and explore how to achieve the fullest potential of creativity  — to evolve and grow, and expand the boundaries beyond what you or your community thought was possible!  Sometimes one has to remind them selves to break the "conceived rules” and step out of one’s own way, to make room for that evolution, or “New Sound”, so to speak! Plus its an empowering phase that most artist don't hear said enough! ha ha 

How did the idea of painting a mural inspired by music come to you? 

I celebrated my birthday month (this past October) attending a bunch of shows and festivals that were passing through the Bay Area. Many classic rock, punk, metal, hip hop and other genres (many from the 90s) were represented: this included: L7, Black Angels, Floggin’ Molly, NoFX , Ozzy,  ST, NIN, Perfect Circle, Run The Jewels and a few others!  I think that this might have influenced the theme and content of this piece, and helped me tap back into more of that raw state of expression.

Was there a specific music or sound that inspired your mural?

I leave the SoundTrack to the Viewer, but some of the Rocktober sounds may have slipped into the consciousness. :)

Are you a musician?

Not So Much! I do have a good ear, I like to think! 

Throughout my career I’ve been surrounded by musicians & visual artist such as myself - both friends and clients. I have designed a lot of Album art and Logos for music producers, artists & bands over the years. My lady is a musician, dj, and audio engineer. And over the past 17 years, I’ve traveled around the states & abroad painting live art on canvas on stages alongside a variety of talented and respected musicians — folks in the underground hip hop scene, bands, Dj’s & Producers- at clubs, venues & Festivals! I see myself more as a “visual musician”.

How would you see yourself as a musician?

The harmonica has always been an instrument I would like to one day master! 

Were you listening to music during the making of the mural?

Painting in the sun can be a bit draining, so in those cases, I find Metal music helps keep a strong momentum & stamina (Black Sabbath, Sepultura, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, to name a few)! 

What is on your playlist right now?

Cannibal Ox, The Insects, Black Angels, Modest Mouse, Perfect Circle...



What is your favorite track of the moment?

"Entrance Song" by The Black Angels








What is your favorite album of the moment?

"Phosphene Dream" by The Black Angels




Do you often create artworks (murals) inspired by music?

Many of my pieces contain musical themes and elements in one way or another.

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Do you have plans on painting music inspired mural in the near future? 

Yes, I’m definitely working on some new concepts and pieces in my studio, and have some new works on the way, as a part of my "Know Matter What” Series.