Interview with Christian Pierini


Christian Pierini Macêna or Mr (C) is the CEO of Union Groups and Artists Theatre West Zone and also he is a producer, cultural and visual arts teacher and musician. The artist has a degree in Visual Arts from Bennet Methodist University and took classes of observation drawing, live model and painting.

These works are from Workshop of Visual Arts Sustainable Cultural Canvas Elza Osborne (Theatre Arena of Campo Grande). The classes are based on the design applied to new media, where students, in a playful manner, assemble an installation made with obsolete electronic materials. The workshop is free for students of municipal schools and lasts 12 months, with one class per week. The main objective of the course is the awareness of environment through art.

Christian Pierini worked for two years as an assistant artist for Vik Muniz. During this period, he was one of those responsible for the production of logos for Fantastic (Globo) and Rock In Rio 2011. From this experience, the artist decided to bring the technique of installation to the pedagogical field and teaches how to reuse electronic scrap to make



Hey Christian, today you will discuss with Music On Walls about your artworks inspired by music. Can you start by telling MoW why you chose to create works of art inspired by music?

The music as well as the visual arts appeared in my life during my childhood. My parents have always been involved with productions of shows. My mother worked in theater and well as in visual arts and my father was a singer and producer of shows. They are my reference.

Later on, when I did a work for plastic artist Vik Muniz, along with two other assistants for the Rock in Rio festival and the Veja Magazine using approximately 1,500 different musical instruments, I realized that this would be the way to go. Join two passions in one job. Immediately I went to recreate the logo of my band, Black Dog Brazil (Lez Zeppelin tribute)

Would you say that there is a specific song that inspired your works of art?

Not necessarily a song, but a picture. (For example the iconic portrait of Jimi Hendrix) But I can tell all my favorites songs from each artist I represented. I usually research the biography and the musical work of each artist at the moment when I am making each portrait.

Eddie Vedder 3D


Eddie Vedder - "Alive"


Elis Regina - "Asa Branca" (with Hermeto Pascoal)

Elis Regina 3D

Frank Zappa 3D




Frank Zappa - "Do Not Eat The Yellow Snow"


Harry Connick Jr. - "Smile"

Harry Connick Jr. 3D (C) Copyright by  Sony Music

Hermeto Pascoal 3D

Hermeto Pascoal - "Fátima"


Jimi Hendrix - "Voodoo Child"

Can you tell MoW the story behind every work of art?

24 years ago I worked in a concert hall and also worked for many years in a home studio and I was stocking all the material that was scrapped with a time use. I felt the need to pay homage to my idols, which are being increasingly obscured by the momentary 'idols' produced by the cultural industry of today.

The concept goes from musical memory to environmental awareness alerting about the amount of electronic (physical and virtual) waste that we produce in postmodern societies.

What is your favorite piece among those presented today?

My favorite is the portrait I did for the 2015 cover of "That Would Be Me" of the the American singer, actor and pianist Harry Connick Jr. I was able to insert realistic techniques of the academic drawing and relate parts to the artist and the result was incredible. I also like the picture of Jimi Hendrix 3D, which is the public's favorite.

Is there any other specific word you would like to say about the works of art presented today?

My works scream:  Save the music!

Do you have plans to create new works of art inspired by music / musicians?

I intend to honor many names of music. The 'big' list features names like Elvis, Jim Morrison, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorious etc. I am currently completing a 3D portrait inspired by a 1969 photo of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. The idea is that this work will be donated to an institution that Page finances in Brazil called Task Brazil, which provides assistance to young people at social risk. There I met Page, along with my friends who are part of my band Black Dog Brazil (see picture on the right).

Can you tell Mow more about your techniques and how long does it take you to make a work of art?

The technique I used was developed in the years I worked as an assistant for Vik Muniz. A picture would usually be ready between 15 and 30 days, working on an average of 6 hours a day.

Why is music important to you, in your life and in your art?

The music comes from the cradle. My father enrolled me in musical theory classes when I was 8 years old, soon after I sang for years in a choir. As a teenager I discovered guitar and rock and roll and nowadays I play drums and mandolin too, I had to learn all the "grooves" created by the legend John Bonham.

What kind of music would you listen to while working (creating)?

As I said earlier, I usually listen to the works of the artists I represent at the moment in my studio. I also listen to classic Rock, progressive rock, fusion and ECM music.

What song did you like the most lately?

I have listened to the sensational work of the Israeli RNL project. The song I like most about the RNL project is "Another one"

What album?

The album I've been listening to lately is Tim Maia "Racional Volumes 1, 2 and 3"

What was the last show you went to? 

I went to see Itiber ~ e Zwarg Group (bassist of Hermeto Pascoal)

Are you a musician?

I love music, I'm a guitarist for the progressive rock band Cactus Peyotes.

I'm a also the drummer and bandolinist for the band Black Dog Brasil (see the video above) and I'm currently recording autoral songs, playing all the instruments (drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, mandolin and vocal). I intend to launch this year a concept album based on the book "Universe In Disenchantment" of Rational Culture, that I recommend to all of you who are reading this interview, who seek to know themselves. It is a bombastic revelation about the cosmic origin of the human being and their future.