Announcing The 5th Annual 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Hawaii Print Suite!

Our friends 1xRun and POW! WOW! announce the 5th Annual 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Hawaii Print Suite featuring the 2017 roster for POW! WOW! Hawaii! Things will be kicking off on February 8th and releases will run until February 23rd! 1xRUN will also be back at Lana Lane for the 5th Annual 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Print Exhibition which will run from the 14th through 18th. Be sure to stop by and see us if you're out in Honolulu and if you can't make it be sure to snag your favorites while you still can. Read on for the entire 2017 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Print Suite!

In this amazing Print Suite, here is a selection of two music inspired artworks : 

The framing option for this RUN includes a 1 inch black wood frame with UV-glass, foam core backing and ready to hang hardware.

Participating artists for the 2017 1xRUN x POW! WOW!

Print Exhibition Include:

Wednesday, Feb. 8th - Jasper Wong & Jeff Gress

Thursday, Feb. 9th - Kamea Hadar 1 / 2 & Defer 1 / 2

Friday, Feb. 10th - Mr. Jago 1 / 2 & Ouizi 

Saturday, Feb. 11th - Cinta Vidal & Michelle Tanguay

Sunday, Feb. 12th - Tavar Zawacki (Above) & Wooden Wave

Monday, Feb. 13th - Drew Merritt 1 / 2 & Woes Martin

Tuesday, Feb. 14th - Tara McPherson 1 / 2 & OakOak 1 / 2

Wednesday, Feb. 15th - Dan Witz & Joram Roukes 1 / 2

Thursday, Feb. 16th - Careaux & Telmo Miel 1 / 2

Friday, Feb. 17th - Evoca & Kaplan Bunce

Saturday, Feb. 18th - Gary Musgrave & Jeff McMillan

Sunday, Feb. 19th - PichiAvo & Kai'ili Kaulukukui & Prime

Monday, Feb. 20th - Kevin Lyons & Ckaweeks

Tuesday, Feb. 21st - Slick & Katch

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd - Slick & Shok-1 & Cory Whomu 

Thursday, Feb. 23rd - Slick & Maya Hayuk & Glazed Paradise