Hit the Lights




Sober Collective has organized a new edition of ‘Sober Street Art Exhibition’. For this edition Sober Collective once more chose to combine international top Street Artists with upcoming national Street Artists from Rotterdam. The ‘Sober Street Art Exhibtion’ groupshow will be visible at Sober Collective in Rotterdam, from March 17th 2017 untill April 28th 2017 .

The following artists will participate the groupshow:

Vesod (Italy)
Sebas Velasco (Spain)
Bier en Brood (Netherlands)
Kaili Smith Winner Sober Talent Contest







At the same time, Sober Collective organized the Sober Walls Rotterdam 2017 where Sebas Velasco & Telmo Miel made a fantastic collaborative mural "Hit the Lights" inspired from the title of the song of Metallica "Hit the Lights"

Here is the story told by Sebas : "The thing is when I first meet Chino (the guy he portrayed) he was listening to Metallica "Kill em All" album. It was a cool connection!. Then with Telmo Miel we considered that the title would fit perfectly with the the wall."

Here is some text by Sasha Bogojev "Hit the Lights", the mural depicts a local guy holding a glowing plastic back and looking over his shoulder towards the illuminated street or the residential apartments. Mixing Telmo Miel's smoothly spray painted part with Velasco's raw painterly and textured sections, the image is wrapped within transparent strokes that further accent the surreal atmosphere. The same strokes are actually the borders between the two different visual languages, creating surreal feel within a mundane, realist image. Even though the main character is looking away and is carrying the symbol of the consumer society, the night time image still carries a positive vibe with warm lights glowing from the night store and the bag. Inspired by Metallica's classic, the artists created an image that perfectly fits the chosen title of the piece.