Finale Bass by Kenor

"In Finale Bass, the abstract geometries that characterize my work are always the result of the visual interpretation of the music that motivates my creative action: techno, and more specifically Detroit techno. An abstract, fascinating techno which originates and evolves... Detroit.This musical style, made from textures, makes my interpretations compose music through gesture, the very act of painting. 

Each of them is the launching of an accurate, final line which arises in a visceral way. Composing a piece of work in which no line has privilege over the others, any colour prevails over others. The achievement is thereby to generate harmonic and coherent work from the purely expressive. The surface isn't divided into coordinates, there isn't a foreseen composition. It is the piece of work itself that takes its own rhythm, its own voice. Every gesture builds a line, each set of lines forms a sound, a rhythm. And it is the rhythm of each work what I listen to and paint. It tells me what line follows, what colour is needed." - Kenor 

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Not many graffiti artists like to paint the streets in the nude. But Kenor is not just any graffiti artist. A self-confessed extraterrestrial, a born performer, Kenor’s organic, kaleidoscopic productions are geometric representations of sound and movement, visual interpretations of music and dance in two-dimensional form. Whilst the production of art must always be understood as a performative act then, Kenor’s images are saturated with this corporeal trace, artefactual remnants of his burning energy. Their multicolored, effervescent hues, their fluid, protean contours, mean we are forced to enter into, to travel into his paintings, to travel within his “abstract architecture”, his architecture “floating in the cosmos