Give Peace a Chance






«Give Peace a Chance», a John Lennon tribute portrait by Andrey Palval in Izum, Ukraine.









Music On Walls had the chance to discussed with Andrey Palval about their recent mural "Give Peace a Chance".

Hi Andrey, how did the idea of this mural come to you?

During August 2017 in the city of Izyum, Ukraine, the Literary and Music Festival "The Road to the East" was held. In the city of Izum is the Sovetskaya Square in city center, but many people were sure that it was called Vladimir Lenin Square. After the Maidan in Kiev, a wave of decommunization swept across the country, during which all Communist names changed to former or new ones. In the Izium Sovetskaya Square became the Lennon Square.

I thought that the festival would be a excellent opportunity to leave on a memory mural.  On August 19th, 2017 the mural was presented to the public. It was the first painted mural in the city.

The responses were very different, from very negative to super enthusiastic. Some people says: "I knew him. it's John Lenin!". I also remember one man telling me about his full collection of "Beatles" vinyls.


Why does John Lennon inspire you?

I was very pleased to paint a portrait of Lennon. After all, he is still one of my favorite songwriters and performers both in the Beatles and as a solo artist. His single "Give Peace a Chance" became the anthem of all pacifists. Therefore, on the very mural this slogan is written - "Give Peace a Chance", in Ukrainian and in Russian it sounds and spelled the same. And the city actually stays 60 kilometers from the front line. I agree with John, we must make love, not war.



Do you have plans to create new artworks inspired by music in the future?

Of course, I would like to draw all the Beatles members. I would also like to draw such musicians as Leonard Cohen for example. But it will come a time for everything.