"Balkanbeast" the new mural by Innerfields for the ART FEST Berkovitsa

"There are some weird animals strolling the woods of Bulgaria. Sometimes they meet up to jam in the city of Berkowiza."




Music On Walls had the chance to discussed with Innerfields about their recent mural "Balkanbeast".

Hi Innerfields, what connection "Balkanbeast" has with music? 

In this case, music is the connection between nature and civilization. 

How did the idea of this mural come to you?

In our art, we like to use animals as a symbol for nature.  The nature surrounding us, and also the nature of human kind, the animal within us.  The animals in this mural misuse street signs to make music and create rhythms which reconnect us with nature.

It is no coincidence, that wild animals come together with the domesticated cow, which is running wild, too. 

We have hope, that it is possible to live in a civilized society, but get back in contact with our origin, possibly by using (or misusing) technical progress. Since the Balkans are also a boarder between two different societies and boarders can be crossed to connect with the other side, it fits the profile. We want to cross boarders and connect.

About the artists : 

Innerfields are composed of the three artists Jakob Tory Bardou, Holger Weißflog and Veit Tempich. Born and based in Berlin, they‘ve been growing up with graffiti and various influences; they formed as a group in 1998. The artists like to reflect their environment and create mostly figurative motives in a realistic manner, that are mixed with graphical elements and symbols. The human being, bound to being part of the nature and to often being opposed to it, is a major topic in their body of work. They are creating works of art as a profession and love to take part in festivals and various art related projects around the world.