"WALL POETRY" 2016 10 musicians / 10 street artists

Once again, URBAN NATION brings “WALLPOETRY“ to Iceland Airwaves Festival. 10 musicians, 10 street artists – what emerges out of this mix are exceptional song interpretations adorning house walls in Reykjavík, visible for everyone before the festival starts on the 2nd of November.












Wall Poetry stands for the curator Yasha Young’s (Urban Nation Berlin) idea to connect more creative minds from all over the world with one another and encourage artistic and creative exchange far beyond the inside of a gallery or the recording studio. “The goal was to take the invisible creative process when a painter listens to a record while painting or a musician sees a certain painting or art installation and wants to incorporate the emotional experience and inspiration in her or his songs and connect this process between the two on a very special collaborative platform.” 

‘WALLPOETRY’ is dedicated to nurture the exchange and create opportunities between creative genres and cultures. It is amazing what and how much we learn about one another and a country when actually immersing into the culture for a full two weeks. The dialogues and ideas that emerge and the power and beauty of cultures working with one another is something we can learn from especially in today’s world.





WALLPOETRY is taking shape and the artists and bands are inspiring. Here is a first look at the collaboration between artist Heather McLean (Canada) and the amazing musicians from Minor Victories (UK)!

Heather McLean will work on two paintings inspired by these songs given by the band:




Song No. 1 – 100 ropes

“You told me not to take a look

Never thought this could happen

Here we are on an open sea

With no way to go back

You hold me as you shiver

The coral beneath us glows

There’s so much to discover

All my senses are numb


And a storm is rising

The blood rushes and the current swirls

Lungs full about to burst

Like a pulley of a hundred ropes

As you come back up for the next breath

The ocean is at war

Reckless, scattered and torn

There is everything to fear my love

The tide is out and the fight is up”


Song No. 2 – Scattered Ashes

“Tell me what it’s all about

Shed tears for God’s rejected

Cut the cord, rewind the ending

Take my life back to the start

Pick up the pieces of my heart

Let it be over

Smoke another cigarette

Draw into the cavern of my failing

Lungs with heightened senses

Scattered ashes

All that’s left of a lifetime that we had planned

I am here and you are not”




Next collaboration introduction is the one between pop punk goddess Lora Zombie (Russia)  and Los Angeles indie rock band Warpaint (USA).

Inspired from the vey first moment and already familiar with the band  –  before we even approached her –  Lora Zombie immediately decided to dedicate no one but several works to this collaboration. True to the idea of a concept album her plans for the project are to paint all four walls of her little house in Iceland.

All paintings are inspired by the 12 songs on Warpaint’s 2014 album title ‘ Warpaint’.

Listent to Iceland Airwaves playlist here :