Art Out Loud

This month, 1515 Broadway is hosting "Art Out Loud". The exhibit is a collection of twenty Gibson Les Pauls, created in collaboration with visual and musical artists for the 20th anniversary of VH1 Save The Music. The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of June. After June, they will be showcased in Los Angeles and Nashville prior to the auction in October



As part of their 20th Anniversary, VH1 STM has partnered with Gibson Foundation for a special project that celebrates their impact. The project brings together 20 top musicians with 20 unique visual artists to produce 20 custom designed guitars. Each of the guitars' design is inspired by one of the musicians and will be auctioned off in October through Julien's Auctions. Proceeds will benefit VH1 Save The Music Foundation. 




Musicians -

Billy Duffy, Corey Taylor, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi, Gary Clark, Jr., J. Balvin, Jim James, Joe Perry, Juanes, Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus, Nile Rodgers, Patti Smith, Rich Robinson, Rick Nielsen, Robby Krieger, Robert Longo, Shawn Mendes, Slash, The Roots, Vivian Campbell, Warren Haynes, Wayne Kramer, Wyclef Jean, Chris Stapleton, Lee Ranaldo

Artists -

Robert Longo, D*Face, Domingo Zapata, Richard P. Clark, Jimmy Stewart, Kip Omolade, Paul Jackson, Liz Tran, Pixote, Marc Zuazua, Sabrina Yanguas, Milk Man, Sage Vaughn, ThankYouX, ASVP, Dabs Myla, Lola Blu, Fleetwood Covington, Hudson Marquez, Tiffanie Anderson, Sean Vranizan 

Quotes from artists/musicians about the project:

"Save the Music's Guitar Project is very close to my heart because I might not have had the career I have today without music education I had in school. Music education made me realize that my passion for music could be so much more than just a creative outlet. It gave me another option that kids from my environment didn't see let alone experience very often. It's important that we understand that my story is one of many. There are and will always be kids out there who have musical talent and a future in music.  Depriving the future generations of that outlet to nurture their passion and strength is something we can't allow to happen." – Wyclef Jean

“It's incredibly important to keep music in the schools as well as all the arts. Kids need to be exposed to music as early as possible. As in all the arts it creates a outlet for their creativity. Having Music in school helped me find my calling.” – Joe Perry

“The reason why music education programs in schools are so important is because music is the unspoken language, written and performed by many and understood by all. It improves learning, social skills, discipline and promotes collaboration and creativity.” – Lola Blu

“A Kid going to school without exposure to music education, is like learning to cook without exposure to spices.” – Sage Vaughn 

VH1 Save The Music Foundation

Founded 1997

VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring music programs in America’s public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s complete education.

VH1 STM develops strategic partnerships with school districts to build sustainable instrumental programs by providing grants of brand-new musical instruments to public elementary and middle schools.

VH1 STM’s goal? To give every child in this country access to a musical instrument.

In the foundation’s 20 years, VH1 Save The Music has:

- Provided more than $53 million worth of new musical instrument
- Restored music programs in more than 2,000 public schools in 251 school districts around the country
- Impacted over 3 million public school students by providing them the tools and confidence to excel in academics and in life