The first edition of Urvanity will take place on February 23-26 at the Neptuno Palace in Madrid.

This is the only fair in Spain focused entirely on New Contemporary Art.

There will be 12 international and 5 Spanish galleries, for a total of 17 exhibitors, that will show works by artists like Banksy, D*Face, JonOne, Jef Aerosol and Moses & Taps.

URVANITY presented its first edition. A fair that will take place over four days during Madrid Art Week from February 23-26th, in which it will be possible to take in a varied and exclusive selection from some of the New Contemporary Art movement ́s most representative galleries from all over the world.

The Fair will feature work from distinguished creators like D*Face, considered one of the most prolific urban contemporary artists of his generation, (represented by StolenSpace, London ́s most prominent urban contemporary gallery), and whose paintings are auctioned frequently at Christie ́s or Sotheby ́s. JonOne (represented by Kolly Gallery, Zurich) began painting graffiti in New York in the 1970 ́s and whose work evolved in the 1980 ́s by producing canvasses of abstract expressionism. Jef Aerosol (represented by the Belgian Gallery Martine Ehmer) is one of the first street artists to come out of France in the 1980 ́s and whose work is renowned for interpreting icons like Elvis Presley or John Lennon, and identifiable by his signature red arrow. Fin DAC (represented by Pretty Portal, Düsseldorf) is an Irish artist that uses an unusual stencil technique that he coins “Urban Aesthetic,” a modern form of 19th Century art influenced heavily by graphic novels, Francis Bacon and Aubrey Beardsley.

The rest of the international galleries exhibiting at URVANITY are: Vroom & Varossieau (Amsterdam), Andenken Gallery (Amsterdam), PDP (Paris), Station 16 (Montreal), The Don Gallery (Milan), Open Walls (Berlin), Art Areté (Andorra) and Urban Art Gallery (Stuttgart).

The Spanish galleries are Swinton & Grant (Madrid), Montana Gallery (Barcelona), Fousion Gallery (Barcelona), Mambo (Vigo), Plastic Murs (Valencia).


URVANITY will be bringing a solo show by the artist Banksy with the Dutch gallery Vroom & Varossieau. There will be six works such as “Every time I make love to you I think of someone else” and “Cheeky Monkey.” Banksy is an enigma in the art world because he remains anonymous. His satirical works of political and social commentary, culture and ethics fetch up to one million Euros on the market.