Tribute to Chester






Tribute to Chester Bennington by Never 1959  Kryst and Mr Kub. Behind Rock N Pies in Sherman Oaks.






Music On Walls had the chance to discuss with Never 1959 about his tribute mural to Chester.

Why did you choose to pay tribute to Chester Bennington from Linkin Park?

Chester and Linkin Park were a big part of the soundtrack to my early 2000s. They had such a unique sound and I loved how they blended genres to create their own kind of music. It was definitely an inspiration to me as an artist, and partially led to me blending traditional graffiti with fine art.

What were the songs that inspired this mural? 

Shadow of the Day and In the End were the two songs I thought of (and listened to the most) while I was painting the wall. They're both really introspective songs and they captured the mood and feeling I was going for with the mural.