Sound Pigments - Remi Rough


The Villa Molitor, a new artist residency located in Paris inaugurated last March, is pleased to welcome british artist Remi Rough. As he stayed at the residency Remi Rough has completed a new body of work.

Coming straight from London, Remi Rough is one of the UK's leading abstract 'post-graffiti' artists. Having started as an old school graffiti writer, spraying letters on public walls and trains in South London in 1984, Remi Rough has made a massive creative progression over the last thirty years as a writer and artist. He is also a founding member of Agents of Change (AOC), an international artist's collective, and part of the popular abstract graffiti movement 'Graffuturism'.

The artist has brilliantly managed to harmonize the outdoor and indoor settings or his abstract form of expression without alienating his signature style. Still working in public space, Remi Rough now also uses spray can and paint brush to create pieces on paper, wood, and canvas. His style is the interplay of vibrant colours, graphic shapes, and clean lines as well as the powerful compositions through dynamic brush strokes, which point to the artist's fascination of art movements of the past such as minimalism and abstract expressionism. So it is not surprising, that the geometrical aesthetic and Rough's balance, tension, and depth in his work reminds the viewer of paintings created by constructivist Kazimir Malevich or of sculptures by contemporary Richard Serra.

Remi Rough established his place in the international gallery scene and art market exhibiting his artwork regularly in cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Miami, Vancouver, Berlin, and Hong Kong.

Music On Walls had the chance to discussed with Remi Rough about "Sounds Pigments".

Hi Remy, is it your first time exhibiting in Paris? 

So, ‘Sound Pigments’ is my first solo show in Paris. I have exhibited here before but never solo.

Where does the titles "Sound Pigments" come from?

The title comes from the soundtrack that has been supplied by my great friend, the Paris based musician; Mike Ladd. Mike has put together a number of tracks to literally accompany the exhibition.

Here’s a track from it. It’s a project by Mike Ladd and myself called ‘TheDeadCanRap’ We have just finished an album together.

How was the making process of "Sound Pigments"?

The works have all been made here at Hotel Molitor as a residency. I’ve never really done anything like this before! It was super hard work to make so many paintings in less than a week, but with Magda and Clemence’s help and support we’ve created something very different for me I think.