Satch Hoyts - Prospect 4

For Prospect 4, Satch Hoyt presents two new sculptures composed of tambourines, that embodies the artist's ongoing interest in mapping history through sonic mutations. The tambourine's historical significance is broad. Referenced in Biblical Psalms, the origin of the instrument can also be traced to Egypt. Hoyt relies on the African origin of the instrument and its connection to Christianity, to consider the space of the church as one that allowed slaves to preserve their African traditions through music.

Satch Hoyt is an international artist-in-residence based in Berlin, Germany who is in residence at Joan Mitchell Center through December 1. Hoyt makes sculptures and installations accompanied with sound, as well as paintings and drawings. There is a dichotomy in the genres that define two sides of the same coin: a dual and complementary reflection on the African Diaspora and its multi-fold consequences.