My Abstract World


My Abstract World

On view at Me Collectors Room Berlin until 2 April 2017

Art and music publicist Max Dax created a soundtrack for "My Abstract World" with songs that are connected to selected paintings from the exhibition. Visitors can listen to them in the exhibition via an app while viewing certain paintings to explore a new type of sensory experience of visual art. Max Dax set about contacting the artists and asking whether there is a direct personal relationship between music and painting. Elsewhere he explores the associations that bridge the gap between pictures and music.

So how does it work?

1. Download your „me Collectors Room“ App on your smartphone

2. Register with your Spotify Premium Account or create a new account

3. Enjoy the music

The ‘me Berlin’ app is now available for iPhones and most Android devices, free of charge via the App Store and Google Play and depending on your device is to be found under ‘me Collectors Room Berlin’. Visitors can download the app at home or at me Collectors Room using the free Wi-Fi connection.

Once downloaded on the device, the app updates itself automatically and users can choose to receive push notifications on new exhibitions, actions, and events in future. Exciting new features will be added to the app in the coming weeks.

Headphones can be borrowed free of charge from the ticket desk at me Collectors Room Berlin.

Please download here the ‘me Berlin’ app for your Android device or for your iPhone.

The app was developed in collaboration with freshmuseum.




Moved by an enthusiasm for intense colour and bold expressive gestures, Thomas Olbricht has spent the last 30 years collecting abstract art in a wide variety of styles. At me Collectors Room, he will present a selection of his current favourites, drawn from his collection of 350 abstract works by ninety different artists. At the same time, with the installation of new seating arrangements, Oriental carpets and reading materials, Olbricht is transforming the exhibition spaces into a multi-sensory experience. This will allow the exhibition visitor to relax with music or have a drink while delving more deeply into the artworks on display.

My Abstract World brings together a selection of international artists, from established figures like Bernard Frize, Joseph Marioni and Katharina Grosse to representatives of a younger generation, including Ali Banisadr, Paul Fägerskiöld and David Ostrowski.


Etel Adnan, Ahmed Alsoudani, John M Armleder, Jo Baer, Ali Banisadr, Max Bill, GL Brierley, Jonas Burgert, André Butzer, Shen Chen, Ouyang Chun, Albrecht Demitz, Zhivago Duncan, Paul Fägerskiöld, Mark Flood, Bernard Frize, Andreas Golder, Kuno Gonschior, Henriette Grahnert, Katharina Grosse, Wang Guangle, Peter Halley, Federico Herrero, Olaf Holzapfel, Vladimir Houdek, Callum Innes, John Isaacs, Parker Ito, Robert Janitz, Sergej Jensen, Imi Knoebel, Caroline Kryzecki, Robert Longo, Marcin Maciejowski, Joseph Marioni, Sarah Morris, Loredana Nemes, David Nicholson, David Ostrowski, Daniel Pflumm, Sigmar Polke, Liang Quan, Gerhard Richter, Sterling Ruby, Thomas Ruff, Chen Ruo Bing, Adrian Sauer, Thomas Scheibitz, Martina Steckholzer, Henning Strassburger, Christine Streuli, Wolfgang Tillmans, Rosemarie Trockel, Tatiana Trouvé, Brent Wadden, Ekrem Yalcindag, Toby Ziegler, Heimo Zobernig

Credits and copyrights:
My Abstract World, Installationsansicht, Installation View, 2016 © me Collectors Room, Photo Bernd Borchardt