Lora Zombie & Warpaint


Russian street artist Lora Zombie & LA rock band Warpaint collaboration for Iceland Airwaves 2016 and Urban Nation Berlin.

Inspired from the vey first moment and already familiar with the band, Lora Zombie immediately decided to dedicate no one but several works to this collaboration. True to the idea of a concept album her plans for the project are to paint all four walls of her little house in Iceland.

All paintings are inspired by the 12 songs on Warpaint’s 2014 album title ‘ Warpaint’.





2014/ Rough Trade

1. Intro
2. Keep It Healthy
3. Love Is to Die
4. Hi
5. Biggy
6. Teese
7. Disco//Very
8. Go In
9. Feeling Alright
10. CC
11. Drive
12. Son