Levalet · Little Boxes in Berlin

Life pipes

Life pipes

OPEN WALLS Gallery is excited to present Little Boxes, the first solo exhibition in Germany of French rising star Charles Leval, also known as Levalet. As a young artist, he is already well known in the streets of the City of Light for his playful, witty wheat pasted collages and imagery. His practice focuses on an interaction between the subject of the artworks and the dimensions and features of the space they are in. Levalet not only creates Street Art, he develops it in a personal style.

Little Boxes is an exhibition that explores the theme of the box as an object and as a symbol. Besides its obvious potential of staging, the box represents perfectly the closed spaces in between which we navigate through life. If the walls define the territories of the modern man, the ceilings are his artificial canopy. From housing to vehicle, from office to gallery, we go through the confined spaces as explorers of a world that we have built ourselves and to our discretion. Through a variation of 30 specifically for this exhibition designed miniature scenic spaces, Levalet addresses the theme of confinement in its various forms – labor, technology or time to describe our world in a tension between social reality and fantasy. The box offers a third dimension to the vocabulary of the artist, drawing becomes sculpture and the representation flirts with the real through the nesting of objects, spaces, colors and plans. In these closed spaces the fourth wall remains open, to leave space for imagination and to be open towards the public.

Levalet · Little Boxes

Runtime: November 4th 2016 – December 17th 2016

OPEN WALLS Gallery / Schröderstr. 11.1 / 10115 Berlin