La Mauvaise Réputation - C215




C215 - La Mauvaise réputation

opening night May, 20th, 2017

solo show from May, 20th, to July, 1st, 2017

Galerie Openspace - Paris





Galerie Openspace is very pleased to announce La Mauvaise réputation, a unique and impacting themed show that stands out in C215’s exhibitions curriculum as much as in the programing of the gallery. This project is the result of more than a one-year long collaboration with the stencil artist. 

C215 fights for art to be free: free to be purely aesthetic and entertaining, and free to condemn. La Mauvaise réputation  first refers to his own bad reputation, since people do not like others’ freedom. But La Mauvaise réputation is also a paradigm… and a pretext to present a both startling and controversial gallery of portraits. 

The exhibition therefore starts with Ted, this living teddy bear which is nothing but cute. This ironic reference to his cat stencils introduces to the topic of the show. How comes that bad guys are always the most famous fictional characters? How can we explain our fascination with evil and its icons? The exhibition presents about fifty portraits of French and international political figures, personalities from modern and contemporary history, medias, and culture. As for his the exhibition Douce France, visitors will have to pay attention to the relationship between the subject matter and the chosen medium, as it will be a key to understand the works without however limiting their reading. La Mauvaise réputation reflects our time: it is full of political uncertainty and various concerns. This exhibition aims at raising questions about our society, its symbols and icons, and retrospectively, about ourselves. 

Here are some of C215 music inspired artworks that will be presented during the show.