Jef Aérosol - "People & Things"


On the occasion of its 35 years of stencil, Jef Aérosol proposes to the gallery David Pluskwa 100% of outstanding unpublished works in a solo show called "People & Things"
Not to be missed under any circumstances from 10 March and until 8 April 2017 ...

Jef could also have called this exhibition "Subjects and Objects", in every sense of the two words.Humans or inert, living or inanimate, these objects / subjects adjoin, complement, dialogue, tell what we are and what constitutes us: dreams, fears, hopes, anger, tears, smiles, memories, questions ...Sometimes deep or dark, sometimes light or futile, at the same time possessed by his nostalgia and stirred by the news, the artist sprays his emotions through the lace of his stencils.For this exhibition, he favored cardboard and wood recovery: living supports and so rich of their poverty.Once again, Jef Aérosol affirms this "poetic commitment" that characterizes him