Interview with Serge Gay Jr.




Spanning across multiple genres and styles, Serge depicts musical icons who have either influenced him artistically or had some sort of personal impact on his life. From Bowie to Jay Z, Serge’s new body of work has a flowing melodic feel to it, indicative of whatever music influenced each painting’s creation. The trademark feverish surrealism still remains however each work has a poignant composition and style incredibly emblematic of whatever musical genre it stems from. Themes of lost love, identity and hope are depicted through the energetic brush strokes and eccentric whimsey rendered in his work.




Hi Serge, today you selected for MoW 6 of your artworks inspired by music. Can you tell MoW why you chose those music artists ? What was the music behind the artworks ? What inspired you to create them ?

The inspiration for these music art and why it’s played a role in my life is very important to me as an artist because I’ve always wanted to make a series depicting musicians who, at some point made a big impact on my personality and my craft. Music was one of my escapes from reality and it motivated me to be creative during moments in my life when I’ve felt the highest high or my lowest low. Therefore I wanted to pay homage to those musicians who were the inspiration for a large portion of my work and have helped me to tell my own stories.

Why is music important to you and your art?

Music has always been important to my art  because I've always love tracks with a message or a story behind it, so I could create stories of my own; keeps my brain going. The same goes with music videos. Love being motivated and inspired by the power of music when it hits your soul, it's like no other. Really helps to form my own expression and story telling when i need that inspiring push. 

If you had to choose between the artworks presented today, which of your artwork would be your favorite? And why ?

I don’t think I have any favorites, but I really like my Michael Jackson one and Aaliyah piece if I had to choose.

Can you tell MoW more about the techniques you used. How old is your technique? How did it start? How long does it take you to make an artwork?

I do a lot of research before I paint. Also I have this fast painting technique, which is very hard to explain. Most of the time I really hate it because I wish I could take more time in my work but at the same time, it’s had helped my career. So there’s a balance. Overall my technique always change and grown so much but pretty much stayed the same in the way I paint. I’ve always mixed it up but changing my style is something i've done since way back in the day, like in high school. 

It could take between a day to months to make a piece, depends on my mind frame.  

Do you have plans on creating new artworks inspired by music ?

Yes! I’m going to make a part two of my solo music show one of these days. There were many other big artist I didn’t have a chance to do, who are dear to me. So keep a look out for it.

Do you listen to music when you’re working ? If so, what kind of music ?

All the time and all kinds. My music choices are very collective and that’s always been the person that I am. I can go from Hip-Hop to indie, rock to alternative, and classic to new skool pop. All depends on the mood when I work.  

What is the song you liked the most lately? The album ? What was the last gig you went to ?

Lately, and mean lately… it would be between  Disclosure “F for you”  with Mary J Blige or Major Lazer’s “Aerosol Can” feat. Pharrel Williams, one of those two.

The Album I’m liking right now is Kid Cudi “SATELLITE FLIGHT: The journey to Mother Moon” its like listing to a movie soundtrack, very different and I love it. And the last Gig I went to… well I went to Coachella, so there were many gigs (hahahhahah) But it was “Duck Sauce” at Coachella.

Are you a musician yourself ? 

Not a musician, at all. I think I have two left foots as hands or something. But I’m an amazing Dancer so that makes up for it. And maybe that’s why I work on music video’s and make music inspirited art to make up the fact that I’m not a musician too. 


Serge Gay Jr. currently has a solo show "GOLD" at Spoke Art in San Francisco until April 26. For this show, Serge braves a new series of work that explores music and it’s effect on him as an artist and it’s larger toll on culture as a whole.


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