Interview with Otto Schade

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Otto Schade aka OSCH was born in Chile on the 30th October 1971. He initially studied Architecture at the Bio Bio University and Construction and Design Architecture in Concepcion, Chile. As a successful architect, he has been awarded for public and private projects. Otto has always felt an avid fascination for the Surrealists, as well as the freedom which surrounds abstract painting. This influence has made Otto turn his creative skills to painting, which has become his strongest passion and for which he has also been recognized with an honorable mention. With the development of this other talent, Otto begins a journey in the search for new ideas and wider exposure for his work, taking him to exhibit his work all around the world. Otto’s painting shows a unique style, proving an inventive imagination as well as a refined technique.



Hi Otto Schade, today you selected for Music On Walls six of your artworks inspired by music. 

Can you tell MoW why you selected those artworks? 

I selected those ones because I really appreciate what they have been doing or giving to our society. It was not just a simple message in a song. I think they were born with a gift, and they used their passion (energy) to express themselves the most they could to give something positive to our society, even to improve it. Those artworks were inspired more by the picture and the person behind rather than from a specific song from them. 

"Bob Enjoying"  

I love the peaceful face of Bob Marley in some of his pictures, I recreated his portrait with ribbons and with lyrics on them. The marijuana leafs became sort of butterflies flying around him. You can feel he's enjoying them. 

"David Bowie"

 I really think Bowie is one of the most clever and stylish musicians ever. I like his music and that's fair enough to represent him in my way. That picture making the "Shhhh" sign with his finger and his mouth is epic.

"John Lennon"

 I like his music and I found a picture of him were I though my ribbons could work perfectly on that portrait image

 "Jimi Hendrix"

To this day, Jimi is one of the best rock guitarist in the history. Psychedelic and energetic. A simple portrait with his lyrics on his expressive face is more than enough to show himself.

"Amy Winehouse »

Amy was a sexy and charismatic woman with a strong voice. I chose that picture to represent her in ribbons because of the expression of her face and the way she was supporting it with her right arm. I just wanted to play with her face and arms and hiding the rest of the body to give the impression her head was supported just by her hand and arm.



Do you have a favorite piece between the six featured today?  

My favorite is "David Bowie", but to be honest all of them got good stuff, I like a bit of all of them. Got just five painted on the streets so far.




Why is music important to you, in your life and in your art?

Every physical shape is conceived by the way they vibrate. Water vibrate in different ways depending on the   music you put to it. We are 75% water, so we resonance with music in our whole live. I am listening to music all the time.Life it's more fun.

Do you have plans on creating new artworks inspired by music/musicians ?


Can you tell Mow more about your techniques? 

 I have being painting since 1996, firstly oil on canvases and in 2009 I started painting on the streets. My painting ranges from abstract and surrealism to even urban art. Working mainly with oil paint and traditional supports such as stretched canvas, I also practice other techniques such as collage, illustration and stencil. The themes behind my compositions read in a personal, metaphorical sense with a sharp, ironic touch.

Do you listen to music when your working ? If so, what is the kind of music you would listen to ?

 Yes I listen to a lot of music. I like electronic music, minimal, psychedelic, blues, some rock.


What is the song you liked the most lately? 

"Mi Mujer" by Nicolas Jaar

What album ? 

"Time for Us" by Nicolas Jaar

What was the last gig you went to ?

 The last gig I went was to see Ott at Koko in Camden.


Are you a musician yourself?



Watch Otto Schade painting live