Interview with Naturel



Naturel (Lawrence Atoigue) is a NYC/DC-Based Artist who turns elements of pop culture into digital art with sharp, mosaic-style angles and colors. His creative initiative, Burgundy, is executed with a boutique mentality, driven to provoke pleasure and provide objects of desire.

Hi Naturel, today MoW selected 6 of your artworks inspired by music. Can you tell MoW why you chose these music artists ? What was the music behind the artworks ? What inspired you to create them ? 

 It started from doing a cover for my friend Illmind's project Illminds Beats for Kanye West. Then when popular folks like Diddy and Trinidad started sharing and reposting my work I continued the series.

Why is music important to you and your art? 

Music's important because I was born into a musical background. My Dad played in a band and I admired his collection of record covers like Earth,Wind, and Fire.

 If you had to choose between the artworks presented today, which of your artwork would be your favorite ? And why ?

The masked Kanye just because it's different.

Do you have plans on creating new artworks insipired by music ?

All the time !

 Do you listen to music when you’re working ? If so, what kind of music ?

Yep…. Anything that sounds good through my new Beo Play H6 headphones.

What is the song you liked the most lately? The album ? What was the last gig you went to?

Right now I'd say "Work" by Ty Dolla $ign

The last gig I went to was Kanye West - Yeezus Tour

Are you a musician yourself ? If so can you tell MoW more about your music projects ? 

Yes I enjoy making music but I'm still a work in progress learning to perfect the art of making a good song.

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