Interview with Milu Correch

Milu Correch was born in Buenos Aires and after watching an amazing painting on the walls of her city, she decided to attend a mural workshop given by Lean Frizzera and Emy Mariani, great street artist from the Argentinean capital.

During the course, Milu learned the basic techniques to take an image from a notebook page to square meters.

After the workshop, she started painting in the street with friends and has made her very first mural in 2011. From the early beginning, Milu decided not to use pseudonym, but to sign the work with her full name and sometimes she even put her address! Milu is inspired by literature, movies, comics, sometimes even life itself… She is using roller, brush and water paint, the most common “tools” in Argentina; half of the street painters are working with it.


Hi Milu, today you'll discuss with Music On Walls about your artworks inspired by music. Can you start by telling MoW why you chose to create artworks inspired by music?

I like the musicians characters because they are creating something that you can´t access; so you can imagine different types of music playing, adding different meanings to the painted wall.

Can you tell MoW the story behind each artwork?

"War Drums". This wall was painted a few blocks from my house. I always like to let my stories open with an ambivalence between a dark and light meaning. In this wall, the two kids could have a potential dark and agressive story. They could also be just kids playing drums.

Milu Correch - War Drums

The Hamelin Flute Player Children Story


"The Hamelin Flute Player Children Story". For this mural I imagined the giant flute players as titans from old Greece that cause the earthquakes (that would expand with the same waves of sound) and the small lions, the town of Lioni, as the mice from the flute player of Hamelin. But also it could be just the traditional flute players entertaining the people of the town.  Once again in this wall you can find a heavy ambivalence.

Check out the making of this mural in the video below

I painted "The Murga Popular Drums" as a representation of the people of the popular neighborhood of La Boca, where a festival is organized by the city elitist goverment. 

The Murga Popular drums

What is your favorite piece between the ones presented today?

Maybe "War Drums", I dont know exactly why. 

Do you have plans on creating new artworks inspired by music/musicians ?

I never plan my artworks too much time in advance, so It could be. 

Can you tell Mow more about your techniques and how long does it takes you to make an artwork?

I paint with a brush and a roller. The time to make an artwork depends on the size of the mural, my humour and my energy, the infrastructure, etc... Usually it takes me between two days and a week. 

Why is music important to you, in your life and in your art? 

I guess music is important to me because I enjoy it very much and it is also the language of the feelings of The People. 

What kind of music do you listen to when you're working?

A lot of different kind of music, I'm very eclectic when I paint. My playlist has no logic, it goes from jazz to reggaeton, from tango to cumbia, from rap to flamenco.

What is the song you liked the most lately? What album ? 

 Youtube allows my to listen to a lot of songs. The one I like a lot at the moment is "Libre, Atrevida y Loca" by Miss Bolivia, Rebecca Lane and Ali Guagua.

What was the last gig you went to ?

The last gig... probably I went to hear La Delio Valdez and Kumbia Queers.

Are you a musician ?

I'm not.

How would you see yourself as a musician? 

 No idea.  I guess I would be a feminist cumbia latin bizarre rapper?