God - Basel House Miami


Basel House Mural Festival is a three-day, first-of-its-kind mural festival based around the legendary walls of the iconic RC Cola Plant in Miami’s Wynwood Art District during Miami Art Week 2017. Throughout the festival, invited local and international artists will transform an often-overlooked section of the neighborhood into an open-air art museum. 

Over the course of four days, there will be more than 50 mural projects and over 80 top street artists from across the globe painting large murals across six city blocks in the Wynwood Art District, including a digital arts and VR playground that will bring art to life. The free block party will offer live painting, unique art installations, live music, late-night DJs, artists, a vendor market, outrageous desserts, food trucks and cold beers in the Heineken Yard.



While visiting the RC Cola Plant, Music On Walls spotted a new tribute mural to Marilyn Manson by Ivan Roque. We had the chance to ask Ivan some questions about his new mural. 

Could you tell us what inspired you to create a mural about Marilyn Manson?

This piece is a piece a huge collaboration wall between me and a few fellow artists and the idea was to paint portraits and characters. Since I don’t do characters and my style leans more towards the realistic I decided to go with portraits. I didn’t know who to do since it would be my first one. I decided Manson because not only is he an idol in my eyes but he got his start in our backyard. I found the photo of him with the Mickey ears and decided that I could remake it and give it an even deeper meaning.

Indeed, since a lot of my work has to do with existential thinking I felt that Manson was the perfect embodiment of that, a symbol of rebellion and to be true to yourself. It gives way to the idea of artists and humans being creators or in better terms : god.




Is there a particular Marilyn Manson's song that inspired this mural?

I love all of Manson’s music so it’s hard to say which one but I gotta say Coma White is definitely one of my favorites.





What is Marilyn Manson's favorite album?

"Antichrist Superstar" is genius but "Lest We Forget" has all the classics.