Electro - City

« Electro-City », new mural by Guilherme Kramer for MURO festival in Lisbon, Portugal.

Is your new mural "Electro-City" inspired by music?

Yes, when I was painting this mural I was listening to a lot of brazilian music, old sambas like The Cartolas (sambista), Adoniran Sambista from São paulo.

Any specific song inspired that mural? 

I think yes, Astor Piazolla "Balada Para Un Loco" instrumental is really good, intense and obsessive.

What else do you have on your playlist?

I like Rodrigo Amarante songs too. The National from U.S. I like the melodic and the little melancholic feeling of their songs.



MURO Street Art Festival is an initiative of GAU (Galeria de Arte Urbana), a project of the Department of Cultural Heritage for the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

MURO is the name of our Street Art Festival, which means wall in Portuguese. MURO is a festival created to break walls inside the city and society through street art.

MURO gathers national and international street artists to intervene in state welfare neighbourhoods. The purpose is not only to take art to public spaces but to bring artists, visitors, and residents together in areas that are usually more vulnerable to be outcasted by society.

MURO aims to put Lisbon on the Street Art map in an open event that invites everyone to take a new look at the city.