Dying Surfer Meets His Maker


Rhodes Contemporary Art presents Dying Surfer Meets His Maker. Their second solo exhibition of paintings by the Polish urban contemporary fine artist Sepe will run until November 2nd.

Continuously interested in social phenomena and the ways they reflect on the lives of individuals, the new works in Sepe's solo exhibition "Dying Surfer Meets His Maker" were strongly influenced by the major shifts in the past year. Experiencing the impact of some of the important social movements, both personally and through his friends globally, Polish artist Sepe found his inspiration in this new kind of energy formed around these events.

The notions of strange, mysterious, edgy, or even revolutionary times, turned into a direct drive for the artist to take a significant shift in his practice and aesthetics.

When Music On Walls first heard about Sepe’s show and its title “Dying Surfer Meets His Maker” we couldn’t resist but to ask Sepe if it had any connection with music. Sepe agreed to answer a few questions for us about it.

Hi Sepe, can you describe to MoW the meaning of the title of your show « Dying Surfer Meets His Maker »? And where the title comes from?

The title comes from the All Them Witches band – one of my very favourite band. “Dying Surfer Meets His Maker” it’’s the name of their LP album from 2015.

Why did you chose this particular title?

First of all I found this title very alluring and wide, open for various interpretations. I think it fits as a leitmotif for the series of artworks I have prepared for this year’s solo exhibition in London.

Can you tell MoW the connection that your show has with ATW?

It is not the first time I used ATW album name for the title of my show – Last year I was exhibiting in Varsi gallery in Rome (Italy), titling my show „Sleeping Through The War” – just like ATW LP from 2017. Same like in this year it was a kind of tribute to them but also I found it very useful for the theme of that show – dedicated more into upcoming turbulent times and feeling of general danger in nowadays Europe. You can see below my favorite pieces of the show.

Click here to see the full series of artworks from the show

Dying Surfer Meets His Maker - Album Cover

What is your interpretation of their music?

I find their music as a very eclectic and interspecies. I like the way they mix various music styles, from hardrock, through stoner, country into blues. This way their compositions are very vivid and spatial. The way they build the space in the songs by changing the dynamics, playing with tension and accents – all that makes their music very acting on the imagination and emotionally developed.

Also I’m a great fan of their album covers – all done by Robby Staebler – drummer. In fact I’m a drummer myself (but the amateur one) so it gives all together nice feeling of permeation.

What is your favorite track of that album? 

This question is too difficult. I like lots of tracks on the same level.

Have you had the chance to see ATW in concert? 

Yes, of course! I was lucky to see them last year in Berlin. I’m also extremly happy as this year for the first time they will come to my city Warsaw (Poland). promoting the newest album of them band titled simply „ATW”.

Cant wait for this to happen!