Delusional: Jonathan LeVine's Search for the Next Great Artist

Work details: 'Satyr' (2016), charcoal and conte on paper, 60 x 38 inches. Email regarding availability.

Work details: 'Satyr' (2016), charcoal and conte on paper, 60 x 38 inches. Email regarding availability.






'Satyr' by Win Wallace currently on view in 'Delusional: Jonathan LeVine's Search for the Next Great Artist' through August 26th

As a youth growing up in Trenton, New Jersey, Jonathan LeVine recognized the appeal of countercultural aesthetics, including comics, graffiti and tattoos. In 2001, after years of independently curating exhibitions at alternative venues, he decided to open a gallery specializing in these nascent art movements. Many people called him and this risky endeavor “delusional”, however, sixteen years later, he’s now the owner of one of the most well-known galleries in the world and has cultivated the careers of many renowned artists.

The gallery’s search for the next great artist began in spring 2017. An overwhelming number of submissions came in from artists based around the world, which made the selection process an extremely difficult task. The 42 artists selected for Delusional work in a variety of media, reflecting current trends in contemporary art and the eclectic stylistic mix the gallery is known for exhibiting. By providing an exhibition opportunity for these outstanding artists, the gallery hopes to bring new talent to the forefront and open doors for their future endeavors.

About the artist :

Born in South Carolina and raised in Georgia, Win Wallace’s Southern roots are important to his work. Playing music since age fourteen, his experiences in the punk and noise rock scenes further developed the graphic elements of some of his work by making scores of posters for underground shows, as well as album art for many bands. He left Georgia in 1995 to attend the University of Texas where he received a degree in art. His painstakingly rendered pieces explore the tension and pathos of life in a semi-fictional world where the spiritual, the historical, the symbolic, and the wild exist simultaneously in a struggle with simple humanity. Win has shown his work extensively in Texas, throughout the United States, and internationally.