Das Leben Ist Ein Wirbel Und Kein Strich





During the Olympus Perspective Playgrounds in Berlin, Xaver Hirsch shows the following installation:

Berlin 2017: „Das Leben ist ein Wirbel und kein Strich.“ (Life is a whirlpool, not a straight line)




Xaver Hirsch's interactive audio-visual installation is a living organism made up of light and sound that is shaped by the factors of time and coincidence. 

Inspired by Kraftwerk's repetitive architectural structures, the site-specific installation plays with changing reflections of symmetrical forms in water, using an algorithm to incorporate you. The work defies expectations of movements in straight lines, just as our lives too are led down new paths by obstacles, changes, decisions and turnings.  

In his artistic work, designer and VJ Xaver Hirsch (born in Berlin in 1989) uses digital projections to arouse audio-visual and interactive perceptions. By combining light and sound, the installations reach out into space and interact with their surroundings and viewers.

His work bears the influence of his many years’ experience as a designer and his study of communication design. Art and science are the focus of his current studies at Berlin University of the Arts. He has taught himself many different programming languages and uses them for a broad range of creative applications.