Circonjecturas - Rafael Silveira


The Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON) presents the exhibition "Circonjecturas", by the artist Rafael Silveira, curated by Baixo Ribeiro, founding partner of the Choque Cultural gallery, in São Paulo.


"It is impossible not to speak of the artist Rafael Silveira, who is considerated as one of the main names of the Brazilian visual arts. Receiving it at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum with the exhibition "Circonjecturas" is an important moment for the consolidation of the art produced in Paraná. A very interesting work that I'm sure will be a success, "says the Secretary of State for Culture, João Luiz Fiani.

Juliana Vosnika, director-president of MON, points out: "The exhibition by Rafael Silveira brings to the public a transformative experience. His works contain playful and unusual aspects, as well as scenography designed to create an atmosphere that involves the visitor to participate in the works, enter and interact with the installations and the graphic landscape that takes care of the exhibition space.

There are about 50 works, among new installations, kinetic objects, frames that transform into sculptures, embroideries, objects, paintings, drawings, prints, projections and other objects representative of the artist's production in recent years.

"Disturbed by Old Time Music " - Rafael Silveira

"Disturbed by Old Time Music " - Rafael Silveira

Baixo Ribeiro comments: "Circonjectures is not an obvious exposition and does not fit into simplistic definitions. Its complexity responds to the vigorous investigation of languages hat Silveira gives to his work. It also responds to the natural and inspiring research that the artist promotes to reach new audiences, "he says.

The curatorial line proposes a journey through the works. "The Hall of Illusions involves the visitor in strobe light, sounds and moving images. Soon after, an installation of architectural scale breaks down on the floor. On the walls there is a chain of paintings meticulously painted with oil paint. Some of these frames are carved frames, and some of these frames cease to be a mere adornment of the painted canvas, to become almost autonomous sculptures, "says the curator.

The interdependence between painting and sculpture forms different shapes, carved paintings and painted sculptures are explored in the most varied conjugations, from the two-dimensional screen with a simple functional frame that protects it until the three-dimensional piece modeled in can with the painting sealing all its faces . "Finally, at one end of the room, the painting disappears and gives way to the drawing, which also detaches from the two-dimensional to appear in solid lines, formed by the interlacing threads of the embroidery that the artist creates in partnership with the textile artist Flávia Itiberê .

About the Artist
Rafael Silveira began in the late 1980s, still a child, producing fanzines. Throughout the 90's he published comics in fanzines and independent magazines from all over Brazil. It was published by the American publisher Dark Horse, one of the largest in the world. In the mid-2000s he turned to illustration. His work circulated through some of the leading Brazilian magazines - including the April Award for Journalism. He appeared in international publications - such as the American Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose and the French "Hey!", As well as illustrate the cover of Brazilian art magazine Zupi.

He also illustrated advertising campaigns and promotional materials in Brazil and Europe, many of them awarded (three times Max Feffer of Graphic Design, CCSP Yearbook, Gramado Festival, Art Director of the Club of New York, among others).

In 2004 he began painting oil and exhibited in São Paulo, New York, London and Milan. His works are in important private and institutional collections, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro.

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