Cinta Vidal - Blow

Music On Walls add the chance to meet Cinta Vidal during PoW! WoW! in Honolulu, HI. Where she was commissioned by the Honolulu Museum of Art to paint a mural inside the courtyard of the museum, Luce Courtyard.

She is the third artist—all of them handpicked by POW! WOW! Worldwide’s Jasper Wong and Thinkspace Gallery’s Andrew Hosner—to tackle this “canvas.”

Cinta painted over Curiot's mural with her epic composition titled "Blow," featuring items from the museum. Cinta also added symbolic elements from Hawaii such as the canoe which she said have "a strong Hawaiian symbol, so I wanted to put it as the central object." and the rooster "because it is an animal with a lot of presence in the islands."