Art Market San Francisco


Fort Mason Festival Pavilion April 27 - 30, 2017

Art Market San Francisco Returns to Fort Mason Festival Pavilion with Top International Exhibitors and Special Public Projects

Art Market San Francisco, the Bay Area's leading modern and contemporary art fair, returns to Fort Mason's Festival Pavilion from April 27 - 30, 2017. rt Market San Francisco welcomed a record-breaking 28,000 visitors in 201, The fair's seventh edition will build on this incredible momentum, welcoming important collectors and curators with unique and unexpected installations, presentations of the best in modern and contemporary art by eighty top galleries.

Art Market San Francisco will feature important returning exhibitors including Pace Art + Technology, Walter Maciel Gallery, Muriel Guépin Gallery, Forum Gallery, Nancy Hoffman Gallery, George Lawson Gallery, Chandran Gallery, Ever Gold [Projects], Electric Works, Johansson Projects, and Hashimoto Contemporary, joining exciting newcomers such as San Diego's Scott White Contemporary Art, Sundaram Tagore Gallery of New York City, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Chimento Contemporary of Downtown Los Angeles, New York City's Gerald Peters Gallery, Atlanta's HATHAWAY, and Tokyo's Galerie Taménaga.

Art Market San Francisco will also present a dedicated program of large-scale installations, driving the art experience out into the fair's public spaces. Highlights include Joshua Smith's Temple Stree, 2017, mixed media installation built with specific materials and incredible technique to deliberately recreate 23 Temple Street in Kowloon, Hong Kong, presented at Art Market San Francisco by Muriel Guépin Gallery. Shown by Walter Maciel Gallery, Lisa Solomon's eninbar (1,000 stitched knots), is the presentation of 1,000 French knots made from 2,200 feet of rope that Solomon hand dyed using a rich red, a traditional Japanese color noted on their flag, that fades into a pale pink from one end to the other. Chandra Cerrito Contemporary will present Lewis deSoto's aranirvar, 1999-2015. Made of the same material

as a bouncy house, the sculpture - a 26-foot inflatable Buddha - approaches the topic of death with a playful tilt.

Art Market San Francisco's seventh edition will also feature an exciting cocktail program created and presented by Grand Lake Kitchen, F Chronicle' "Best Brunch in Town," along with local beers from SponsorFort Point Beer.

About Art Market San Francisco:
Art Market San Francisco, the Bay Area’s premier contemporary and modern art fair, will feature established galleries from around the globe bringing some of the world’s most intriguing artists and galleries to San Francisco. In showcasing historically important work alongside relevant contemporary pieces and projects, Art Market San Francisco creates an ideal context for the discovery, exploration, and acquisition of art.

About Art Market Productions:

Art Market Productions is a partnership between Jeffrey Wainhause, Max Fishko and the dealers they work with. Since 2011 Art Market Productions has produced a different type of art fair that focuses on creating the highest quality fair experience by connecting collectors with dealers in the most optimal settings and contexts. Art Market Productions is dedicated to improving the art world by creating platforms and expanding networks of connection.

Art Market Productions currently produces six art fairs: Art on Paper, Art Market San Francisco, Market Art + Design, Seattle Art Fair, Texas Contemporary, and Miami Project.



Hashimoto Contemporary's presence at Art Market San Francisco will be marked by two booths - one dedicated to artist Joel Daniel Phillips and the other with the roster of their artists