November 4th - December 16th, 2016

“Anxiety” engages with the common suggestion that art is a reflection of society. Art can serve as an expressive platform for individuals, groups, as well as society as a whole, especially accessible when radical changes or impactful events occur. It is powerful enough to portray the current emotions of a society, exposing harsh and subtle truths, while encouraging a change for the better.

The exhibition explores and addresses the idea of art as a vehicle to illustrate and illuminate events and experiences. “Anxiety” addresses the unnerving tension of the strange climate of present day. Whether personal, political, economic, social, or geographical, it’s undeniably a strange moment on every macro and micro level. This show is an investigation of individual responses to a collective uneasiness.

Eric Yahnker   Hit It n’ Quit It #2,  2016  gouache and colored pencil on paper  31 x 41.5 in.

Eric Yahnker

Hit It n’ Quit It #2, 2016

gouache and colored pencil on paper

31 x 41.5 in.


William Binnie

Cali DeWitt

Brendan Donnelly

Kyla Hansen

Aaron Elvis Jupin

Brendan Lynch

Alessandro Moroder

Ariana Papademetropoulos

Hassan Rahim

Brian Roettinger

Anja Salonen

Devin Troy Strother

Steven Traylor

Laura Watters

Eric Yahnker

Curated by Tyler Gibney + Laura Watters


HVW8 Gallery Los Angeles

661 N. Spaulding Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90036

Gallery open Tues – Sunday, 1 – 6pm

Or by appointment