Abetz & Drescher - Dawn of Tomorrow

Magic Beans presented the artist-couple Abetz & Drescher with their solo show “Dawn of Tomorrow” during Gallery Weekend Berlin.

For twenty years, Maike Abetz and Oliver Drescher have not only been involved in an intimate relationship, but have also been capturing their distinctive and unique works in acrylic on canvas. This intense collaboration often raises the question of who does what, which usually is met with laughter. Magic often just means letting only a crack of light into the dark. It is enough to imagine how the two manage to fuse time and space for the viewer to get access to the past, present and future.

It seems that Abetz & Drescher have a direct line to the Greek gods, to whom they pay homage in their work. Whereas their existence was cast into doubt by monotheistic belief, the artist duo advances another hypothesis: “The Greek gods did not die, but came back to Earth in the form of rock songs and guitar sounds - and above it all Jimi Hendrix, the God.”

Fascinated by the European Renaissance, but also by classic modernity in Germany, Maike Abetz and Oliver Drescher jointly dedicated themselves to an oeuvre in which light is brought onto the canvas as if we were guests of the ancient Greeks and gazing through their window directly onto the Olympus of the Peloponnese.

The connection between the artist-couple is as intense, the two have claimed, as it once was between Socrates and Plato or Dionysus and Pan, with a little self-irony being important as well.

Striving for the ether, the feeling of turning to the light inspires the joy of life, but also reminds us to live as if there was going to be no aurora the next day.




28. April – 28. Mai, 2017


Magic Beans
Auguststraße 86, 10117 Berlin
Wednesday to Sunday 12-6pm