Interview with Ezra Pirk




Since early childhood Ezra's one and only passion was and still is drawing and painting on every occasion that presented itself to him. About 18 years ago, he discovered graffiti art and since then a lot of things happened. After years of practicing, he started to do jobs for individuals and companies every where in Switzerland. Next to Aerosol Art, he also does illustrations, logos, portrays and drawings for tattoos and always try to stay openminded. Since 2005, He is a member of the Marshall-art platform and take part in exhibitions with other graffiti artists of Switzerland.





Hi Ezra, today you selected for MoW 4  of your artworks inspired by music. Can you tell MoW what was the music behind the artworks ? What inspired you to create these artworks ?

I love music and electronics and instruments are really interesting to paint. Also colored light in a club for example or effects from Disco balls are very useful.  A lot of walls are painted listening to chill out music and also Hiphop or Funk. And there are also different directions and styles of music which makes it even more interesting. 

Optic Lounge

Why is music important to you and your art? 

Music can put you into a different vibe. It's stimulating and supports the creativity. I usually prefer music without vocals to paint. So the beats carry you. It can be like meditation almost sometimes. When you are all in the zone. 
Can you tell MoW more about the techniques you used. How old is your technique? How did it start? How long does it take you to make an artwork ?

I started painting with spraycans when I was around 16 years old. Now I am painting for 18 years. The technique is based on fading and cutting. I work with light and shadow a lot and also light sources. LInes can also be part of it sometimes. This technique is very good to paint characters and three dimentional artwork. I like to work with breaks and things falling appart like a puzzle. Also reflections became important to me. So my walls get more complex and deeper. Things you have to look at longer to understand all of it. Depending on the size of it and effort it can take more or less time. It depends if I am painting in the sun or when it's cloudy weather. But for a bigger wall I usually take 2-3 days.

Do you have plans on creating new artworks insipired by music ?

Well the inspiration comes from the music sometimes. But more giving energy to it while 
painting it. And the topic "music" is great to work with in many ways. People you can paint singing or instruments. Also music notes etc.

Do you listen to music when you’re working ? If so, what kind of music ?

It is most of the time chillout music without vocals.

What is the song you liked the most lately? The album ? What was the last gig you went to ?

My favorite song at the moment is Kruder & Dorfmeister - "Useless"

I like a lot to listen to Kruder und Dorfmeister while painting. For example the album the K&D sessions. It's pretty relaxing music and not dominant but makes you feel very relaxed and does not take attention away from the painting. it's perfect for that. 

Are you a musician yourself ? 

I am not a musician. I used to play piano when I was younger also used to rap for a little while and tried DJing a little. Like most who got into the HipHop scene in the 90ies. 
But now my music is on the walls :-)


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