Happy Birthday Jacques Dutronc

Happy Birthday to Jacques Dutronc (born April 28, 1943 in Paris). He is a French singer, composer and actor. He began his artistic career as guitarist El Toro and Cyclones and then became a singer in 1966 with a first hit : "Et moi, et moi, et moi". Then started a collaboration with Jacques Lanzmann that will lead to several great success : "Les Play-Boys", "Les Cactus", "J'aime les filles", "Il est cinq heures", "Paris s'éveille"... 

He married March 30, 1981 the singer Françoise Hardy with whom he lived since 1967. Their son Thomas, born June 16, 1973 , is now involved in the design of their records.

Artwork by Bernard Pras

Watch Jacques Dutronc - "Les Cactus" live in 1967