Interview With Armando Mesias


Armando Mesias is an illustrator inspired by pop culture nostalgia and modern art. He works on a variety of mediums combining loose brush strokes with detailed line work merged in a bright memphis-type palette. Exploration is a must for Armando. 


Hi Armando, today you selected for MoW 5 of your artworks inspired by music from your project « THE BIRDS ». Can you tell MoW why you created about those music artists specifically? 

The Birds were one of the series of my first solo show. It all revolved around pop culture iconography in a sort of auto biographical fashion, and each series of portraits was about a particular pop culture language. One of my most obsessive influences has always been rock and roll legends and general aesthetics. 

What was the music that inspired those artworks? 

During the couple of years before my show I was really looking back at rock and roll history and classics from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. This is sort of a tribute to that, it feels just like looking at an old photo album, and hopefully people will get the same nostalgic feeling. 

If you had to choose between them, which of your artwork would be your favourite ? 

That's a tough one!! For some reason I always felt most identified with Bob Dylan. I think he always had this kind of anti rockstar vibe, sort of, and that's what made him the coolest for me. But it's more of a personal thing!

How long does it take you to make an artwork ? And what techniques did you use ?

It's not how much actual work it takes, but how connected I feel to it; if I'm really excited about it it could take a day, but sometimes it's a bit harder to find the inspiration and it can take couple of days. 

Is music important to you and your art? If so, Why ?

 Of course it is! Everytime I find myself working without music for some reason is feels like something is out of place or something's missing. I like to jump and dance around when I'm working I think it helps me to focus more when I really need to!

Do you listen to music when you’re working ? If so what kind of music ?

 I don't need to listed to particularly calmed or mellow music all the time, sometimes even punk rock works to get the mood up and do more energetic sections. 

Do you have plans on creating new artworks insipired by music ?

I'm working on a project that doesn't involve music directly but it's kind of a big inspiration. I'd like to work a little more on it before I start talking about it, but in any case I think music is and always will be an important part of my work and my creative process.  

What is the song you liked the most lately? What album ? What was the last gig you went to ?

The song I liked the most is 'Goodbye Horses' by Q-Lazzarus, the album 'Days Are Gone' by Haim, and the last gig I went to was The Naked and Famous at Shepperd's Bush in London! 

Are you a musician yourself ? If so can you tell MoW more about your music projects ? 

Back in Colombia I used to have a band where I played Keyboards and was one of the lead singers... it was an amazing time where I got to learn a lot and it completely changed the way I look at art. During the last months I've moved to London and started studying again so it's been a little crazy,  but if the right opportunity comes along I'd be more than happy to jump in!


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